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"The Root Cause", ch. "Prostitution and Male Supremacy" (1993), Michigan Journal of Gender and Law 1(1):1–12. It isn't going to happen. Lucha contra el feminismo es una expresión directa de la misoginia, es la defensa política de las mujeres odian. Los hombres saben todo - todas ellas - todo el tiempo - no importa cuán estúpido o sin experiencia o arrogantes e ignorantes que son. Únete a nosotros. She was the animator of the ultimate porno horror loop, where the Final Girl never gets a chance to slay the monster, she only dies, dies, dies, with the cries of the angry mourners to remember her.“, „Truth is harder to bear than ignorance, and so ignorance is valued more— also because the status quo depends on it; but love depends on self-knowledge and self-knowledge depends on being able to bear the truth.“, „[Interviewer:] What would you say is the most overrated virtue? Protecting what they 'say' means protecting what they do to us, how they do it. El proyecto erótico común de las mujeres que destruyen hace posible que los hombres a unirse en una hermandad, este proyecto es la única base firme y confiable para la cooperación entre los hombres y todos los lazos masculinos se basa en él. And didn't the world think that Theodor Herzl, the founder of the Zionist movement, was a crank? Para una mujer, el amor se define como su disposición a someterse a su propia aniquilación. Norah Vincent, Sex, Love and Politics, id., p. 41, col. 1. To which she has a reply -- didn't they say that about Israel? Could women execute men who raped or beat or tortured women?…. " Andrea Dworkin Has Died" by Susie Bright, Susie Bright's Journal (blog), April 11, 2005.About, Norah Vincent, Sex, Love and Politics, id., p. 40, col. 2, —  Andrea Dworkin, libro Scapegoat: The Jews, Israel, and Women's Liberation. She got stuck, and then she got sick, and when you’re famous for one thing, no one wants to see you change unless you reject it all, like a pathetic sinner seeking redemption. „I’m sorry Andrea Dworkin started a sexual revolution that she ended up repudiating. Could women commit treason to the men of their own group: put women first, even the putative enemy women? La violación, originalmente definido como el secuestro, se convirtió en el matrimonio por captura. "Take no prisoners",3605,220099,00.html, interview by Linda Grant, The Guardian (13 May 2000).About. Would self-defense be enough? "The Sexual Politics of Fear and Courage", ch. Furthermore, Dworkin says, as the Jews fought for Israel so women have the right to execute -- that's right, execute -- rapists and the state should not intervene. So you don't, obviously, have to send her anywhere, she's already there and she's got nowhere else to go. The private world of sexual dominance that men demand as their right and their freedom is the mirror image of the public world of sadism and atrocity that men consistently and self-righteously deplore. „So now we come to what Andrea Dworkin wants and it is this: she wants women to have their own country. So while the project of raising a boy is fraught with ambivalence and leads inevitably to bitterness, it is the only project that allows a woman to be — to be through her son, to live through her son.“. Enjoy the best Andrea Dworkin Quotes at BrainyQuote. [[B]eing] normal is seriously overrated.“, „The common erotic project of destroying women makes it possible for men to unite into a brotherhood; this project is the only firm and trustworthy groundwork for cooperation among males and all male bonding is based on it.“, „Can women make use of men's vulnerability not to marry but instead to destroy male power?“. Why bother discussing it? Do women have enough militancy and self-respect to see themselves as the central makers of legal codes, ethics, honor codes, and culture?“, „Women do not know how to be women exactly; men constantly fail to be men.“, „Pornography is the essential sexuality of male power: of hate, of ownership, of hierarchy; of sadism, of dominance.“, „(On prostitution:) Incest is boot camp. Or is it simpler: the bed belongs to the woman; the house belongs to the woman; any land belongs to the woman; if a male intimate is violent he is removed from the place where she has the superior and inviolate claim, arrested, denied parole, and prosecuted….. Could women "set a high price on our blood"? Could women manage self-defense if not retaliation? [¶]…. She can watch him, as a child, play the games she was not allowed to play; she can invest in him her ideas, aspirations, ambitions, and values — or whatever she has left of them; she can watch her son, who came from her flesh and whose life was sustained by her work and devotion, embody her in the world.

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