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The enhanced version (Klaw Bounce) bounces the opponent off the ground so you can follow with a juggle combo for additional damage.With the Klaw Pounce and Slide Reptile can mix in an overhead or low at almost any point during his combos. The normal version of the Klaw Swipe simply knocks an opponent down (which allows for Forceball setups), but the enhanced version (Klaw Slash) bounces the opponent off the ground so you can follow with a juggle combo. But by killing his master, Reptile destroys the one chance to ever know his true race. In contrast to Jade's instructions, Reptile is ordered to stop the renegade Princess at all costs...Even if it means her death. Shao Kahn never had any intentions of fulfilling his promise. As soon as you've recovered from a Forceball, press Forward, Down, Back+Block (Floating Ball) to spend one bar of your super meter to stop the projectile from moving.You can end combos with a Forceball, then immediately use the Floating Ball to stop it in place to make your next attack safe from punishment. Published May 1, 2015, 6:07 p.m. about Mortal Kombat X. by Bryan Dawson. Shao Kahn promised Reptile that if he was successful that he would resurrect Reptile's race. By default Reptile always has a cloud of poison gas surrounding him. The Slithering Slam (Forward+2,1+3) and Swamp Slam (Forward+2,1,1+3) combos work well as a way to end juggle combos. From here you can follow with Slide, Slide, Forward+4, Slide, 1,4, Slow Forceball. Mix these up to make it very difficult for your opponent to determine how they should deal with these projectile attacks.If all of this weren't enough, when any of the Forceballs hit they bounce your opponent into the air allowing Reptile to follow with a juggle combo. This works especially well if you have an opponent trapped in the corner. The last hit in this combo is an overhead, but if you just do the Quick Knee (Forward+4) followed by the Slide, your opponent will expect the overhead and instead get hit with the low Slide.Acid SpitNotation: Down, Forward+1Enhanced: Yes, but no armor.The Acid Spit is Reptile's more traditional projectile attack. You have two options when it comes to this trademark ability. However, because both options can be punished, watch how your opponent is blocking and react accordingly. If you have meter to burn you can use the enhanced Swamp Slam combo (Forward+2,1,1+3, Block) for an easy combo follow-up that extends your combo a second time for even more damage. If the X-Ray is blocked Reptile does still have advantage so you can continue offensive pressure.Basic StrategyReptile's variations retain most of his basic attacks combos and special moves, which means his basic strategy offers quite a bit of versatility across all three variations. The dead pool fataility is the same for every fighter: on the Dead Pool stage, after instructed to "Finish Him/Her", hold LP+LK, D,HP. However, if the attacks connect Reptile can build momentum that carries him through the end of the match with an easy win. If the combo hits you can use Stealth and still be able block or use a special move with armor to go through anything your opponent attacks with once they get off the ground. He has some safe basic attacks and combos, but most of his overhead/low mix-ups come from special moves that are not safe if the opponent blocks. You can also use Invisibility (Down, Down+3+Block) to go straight to being invisible at the cost of spending meter, but it also has armor.While Reptile is invisible you can more around and attack like normal, but if you block anything or get hit you will become visible again. KEY: The enhanced version (Slippery Slide) has armor, but neither version is safe if the opponent blocks so be careful when you use it. The normal notation shoots a fast Forceball, but he also has a Slow Forceball (Down, Back+3) which can throw off your opponent's timing and cause them to jump onto a Forceball or make some other mistake and get hit. However, if Slime Trail hits you can even add a Fast Slimeball (Down, Forward+3+Block) at the end to extend the combo (or use the enhanced version of Klaw Bounce).The Slink (1,2,1), Just Hatched (1,4,1) and Amphibian Charge (Forward+2,1) combos are safe if the opponent blocks, which makes them decent poking combos.

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