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Rocky wins the rematch and regains his title as Heavyweight Champion. 48-1-0 KO Seth Jackson Creed calls this fire the "eye of the tiger". 1 (15) Creed is known for his quick wits, he is able to spin together a few words and insult his opponent. (Before The Movies) A planned Bicentennial fight against number one contender Mac Lee Green was scheduled for January 1, 1976, which Apollo gladly hypes whenever someone places a microphone in front of him. An example is when Ivan Drago doesn't answer a question and Creed says "The man's tongue didn't make it through customs!". Creed's desire for a rematch with Balboa intensifies when it becomes clear that the prevailing public opinion is that Creed had either gotten lucky, or the judges were fixed in his favour. Mike Dallas (Before The Movies) In 2006 (Rocky Balboa), Rocky is seen paying tribute to Apollo by telling customers at his restaurant stories about his friendship and fights with him. Win N/A - Apollo Creed to Rocky Balboa. 2.3.1 Challenging Rocky Balboa Is it a coincidence that he's fighting a black man on the most celebrated day in our country's history? 'Retained World Heavyweight title '(Before The Movies) KO Creed and Balboa bond over this time, becoming close friends. 19 Heavyweight Champion (1 time, 1972-1976) (defeated George Foreman, lost to Rocky Balboa) 'Retained World Heavyweight title '(Before The Movies) Virgil Abrams KO 15 Rocky IV Apollo has black hair and brown eyes. Rumours of the third fight would persist for decades afterwards, but the outcome was apparently not known to anyone but the two fighters until 2015, when, asked by Adonis Johnson Creed (Apollo's son), Rocky confided that Apollo had won. Creed training for the second fight. Family In a deleted scene when Rocky wakes up, Rocky sees Paulie sleeping and Rocky sees a photo of his first fight with Apollo, but his face is censored and Rocky's face is covered by a scrap of paper with Paulie's head. Creed began boxing in 1968 at the age of 26, it is revealed in the video game Rocky Legends that one of Creed's earlier fights was against Tony "Duke" Evers, who at this time was an aging boxer. Floyd "Phantom" McCallum 'Retained World Heavyweight title '(Before The Movies) 1 (10) His powerful jab and emphasis on agility complement his flashy personality and outfit. 5 Professional Boxing Record His reason is that despite the horrific beating Rocky received from Creed, Balboa kept coming after him. During the post-fight interview, HBO Boxing analyst Max Kellerman asks Donnie what he would like to say to his father, to which Donnie tearfully says that he loves him and he knows he didn't leave him on purpose, in which he concludes the interview saying he's "proud to be a Creed". Win 6 ft 2 in (187 cm) Before the final round, Rocky is adamant on stopping the fight to save Donnie from the long term effects of his injuries, a decision he contemplated 30 years after Apollo's death. 7 When he steps up to Lang, the latter slaps away Creed's hand and mockingly and rudely insists that he "don't want no has-been in my corner". However, a vision of Mickey telling him to get up gave Rocky the strength to win the street fight. N/A Not wanting the Soviets to appear superior to American fighters, and searching for a return to the limelight and the adoration of the public, the patriotic Apollo challenges Drago to an exhibition match, and calls out Drago at the press conference that sets up their exhibition bout at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 31, 1985. 8 At the beginning of the 15th round, he tells Rocky, "You're going down", to which Rocky replied, "No way". 6-0-0 In 2015 (Creed), it has been revealed that Apollo had an affair sometime before his death, and from that, Adonis Johnson Creed was born. Apollo told Rocky not to stop the fight, which gives Drago a chance to deliver a blow (as Rocky dropped the towel) that unfortunately killed Apollo, who died in Rocky's arms in the middle of the ring. (Before The Movies) Rocky Rocky IIRocky IIIRocky IVRocky V(mentioned)Rocky Balboa (mentioned)Creed (flashback) 'Retained World Heavyweight title '(Before The Movies) En cuestión de tamaños y dimensiones, casi todo es relativo.

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