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Anna, Joan Roca‘s wife, with their children Marc and Marina. It is where they grew up, amid the hubbub of dishes, pots and pans and clients. An award he shared with his two brothers by virtue of their capacity as privileged ambassadors of the lands of Girona and by dint of their untiring effort, for being faithful to their roots and also their international projection. The Roca brothers’ passion for cooking was initially kindled in Can Roca, the establishment their parents manage in Taialà, a neighbourhood lying on the outskirts of Girona. In December 2010, Joan was made an honorary doctor of the University of Girona at the proposal of the School of Tourism. It has been received warmly by critics, and holds three Michelin stars. This recognition was probably much more valuable than any accolade they might have received from any guide, magazine or institution. These cookies do not store any personal information. The kitchen of El Celler, which plays an important part in the restaurant’s worldwide fame. Jordi, cycling on the empty ground in front of Can Roca, when the Germans Sàbat district, in Taialà, was an emerging neighbourhood, still being built. 972 222 157 On the left, the boss. Joan with his children: Marc and Marina. Every day at noon, El Celler‘s fifty workers walk the hundred metres that separate the Can Roca restaurant and their parents’ own restaurant to have lunch. A team that takes its mission very seriously, with refined vision, talent and values. Can Roca was located on the outskirts of the city which absorbed, as best it could, the arrival of immigrants from the south of Spain at the end of the 1950s and the 1960s. This photo by Daniel Alea defines El Celler de Can Roca: a three-seater sidecar. They were joined by Jordi, the youngest brother, in 1999. The cookies we use at differ between 1) those required for the operation of the website, which are stored in your browser necessarily as they are essential for the operation of the Website, and 2) third party cookies that help us to analyze and understand how you use the Website and are stored in your browser only with your consent. Can Reixach, in Sant Martí de Llémena. A photomontage of the book “El Celler de Can Roca. In the photograph, Josep at the institutional act of September 11, 2011, in the Parliament of Catalonia. A young Jordi Roca in the kitchen of the old El Celler, with Joan and Salvador Brugués. Our story goes back to the nineteen-eighties, when Joan and Josep Roca completed their course at the Girona Catering School, where they learnt a less traditional and more academic type of cooking, far removed from the fare that was being served at Can Roca. Una simfonia fantàstica“, by Jaume Coll. Their parents’ bar was their living room, their playroom, where they did their homework, watched television… while the smell of the stews cooked up by their mother, Montse, and their Grannie, Angeleta, wafted in. The bar was their living room, their playground, where they did their homework, watched television… whence the aroma of the stews generously, simply and honestly prepared by their mother, wafted in. These cookies do not store any personal information. Everything is three-way; the restaurant, an equilateral triangle with the three vertices of gastronomy: Joan, Josep and Jordi; salt, liquid and sweet. He was the bus driver of the line between Sant Esteve de Llémena and Girona, and there was a stop just in front of Can Roca. Toda historia tiene un principio. Their Grannie was the brothers’ creative muse, and her cooking at Can Roca, together with their mother’s, provided the foundations for learning and for the structure needed to afford El Celler freedom to devise a new cuisine without ever losing sight of their roots. In 2013 and 2015, it was named the best restaurant in the world by the magazine Restaurant, after having been ranked second in 2011, 2012 and 2014, a status achieved again in 2018. La evolución del restaurante El Celler de Can Roca queda reflejada en una exposición en el Palau Robert de Barcelona, que ilustra el compromiso de su gastronomía con la tierra, la memoria y la innovación en sus treinta años de historia.

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