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Working to further his career, Fernández, then 24, was tapped as vocalist by two of Guadalajara’s best mariachis – Mariachi Amanecer de Pepe Mendoza and Mariachi de José Luís Aguilar. It was a new theme, and it struck a nerve: “Volver, Volver” became a ranchera anthem. An interpreter first and foremost, Fernández only occasionally writes songs, usually leaving this job to the experts. For more than 40 years, Vicente Fernández has maintained his standing as Mexico’s greatest living singer, coupling an operatic range with a deep understanding of ranchera music’s rural roots. Esta semana se esparció por ené La noticia es falsa, pero comenzó a viralirzarse en redes sociales. His first film was Uno y Medio Contra el Mundo. "Se Me Hizo Tarde La Vida" 8. La noticia sobre la supuesta muerte de Vicente Fernández se viralizó en redes sociales. The Mexican music press in the early 1980s dubbed Fernández El Ídolo de México (Mexico’s idol) and the moniker stuck. “Vicente Fernández is the (Frank) Sinatra of ranchera music. In summer 1966, Fernández signed with CBS México (now Sony Music) and recorded his first hits: “Tu Camino y El Mío,” “Perdóname” and “Cantina del Barrio.” Fernández’s recording career had begun. Many considered Fernández to be Mexico’s fourth gallo, or singing rooster. In contrast to Frank Sinatra, he says he won’t retire more than once. Sin embargo, es una fake news, pues el cantante no está muerto. Todos lo derechos reservados. For his artistic integrity, his tireless dedication, and unending enthusiasm, Fernández will be noted in history books as one of the fundamental and influential pioneers of ranchera music and a towering figure in the evolution of Regional Mexican music. Mexico’s Premios Oye awarded him three trophies in November 2009. Quite a risk, but the results speak for themselves – El Hombre Que Más Te Amó won the 2011 Latin Grammy for Best Ranchera Album. He was building a body of work that would showcase his expressive voice and define modern mariachi music. "Al Mayor De Los Fernández" (participación especial de Alejandro Fernández y Vicente Fernández hijo) 7. And he returned with another exciting new studio album – Para Siempre, which within three months of its release was certified RIAA Double Platinum (Latin) in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Publicidad. By 1975, Fernández was admired by mariachi fans, but he wasn’t yet an iconic figure. “The people have given me so much, and my love for them is so great, that I’ve thought carefully about the day I will retire.”. With a tremendous and still-growing discography, a powerful voice and unforgettable music, Fernández pushes the boundaries of mariachi music and influences absolutely everybody. He also started studying folkloric music. King is to blues and Woody Guthrie is to folk. "Vivito y coleando", así se declaró Vicente Fernández luego de una serie de rumores en redes sociales sobre su muerte. "Estos Celos" ("This Jealousy") is a song written and produced by Mexican singer-songwriter Joan Sebastian and recorded by Mexican performer Vicente Fernández.It was released as the lead single from Fernández's 79th studio album Para Siempre.. On the morning of Fernández’s concert at the city’s historic Hofheinz Pavilion, the top-of-the-page headline in the national newspaper, The Houston Chronicle, heralded Fernández as “The Sinatra of Rancheras.”. But, legend has it, none other than the Aztec god Tlaloc kept the showers at bay, setting the stage for a historic performance. El día que murió Vicente Fernández. By the end of 1976, “Volver, Volver” had broken sales records and was being played from cars, houses and jukeboxes all over the Spanish-speaking world. © Artículo. He was and continues to be prolific, influential, and ultimately a critical player responsible for shaping the growth and development of the modern ranchera genre. “I’ve always said there aren’t great composers – there are great songs,” Fernández says.

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