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0 +86-755 … GreenBay is an integrally designed, versatile lighting solution from Philips to address lighting application requirements within industrial spaces. With its new perfect-fit design, the Master LEDspot LV AR111 now works with most of G53 luminaires as a true retrofit solution. 2.1 Philips myLiving Star - Barra de focos, 2 luces, LED Integrado, aluminio, iluminación interior; 2.2 Philips myLiving Runner - Foco doble de interior LED, blanco, en metal, casquillo GU10, bombillas incluidas, luz blanca cálida; 2.3 Participating in Guangzhou Lighting Fair, June 2011 and Poland Lighting Exhibition, March 2012, which make our products known to many foreigners and companies. we establish long-term cooperation partnership with famous led chip firms like Cree, Philips, Samsung, Osram and Soul Semiconductor and MW led driver factory. Reduce energy use by up to 50% with efficient LED lighting and dedicated optics for any application . Philips LED street lighting is a cost-effective and sustainable choice for cities today. Catálogo. Now, welcome to. Luma gen2 is the next generation of the Luma LED luminaire family, fully optimized to become your long-term lighting and innovation partner. The Ledinaire range contains a selection of popular off-the-shelf LED luminaires, each of which come with the high Philips quality levels and competitive price. Choisissez parmi nos Luminaires extérieurs - Philips. Unlike cheaper imitations, Philips LED offers clean, natural lighting with exceptional clarity. These high-value Philips LEDs offer durable, shatter-free plastic construction. ASWAAQ Supermarket. co-solution Provider. 1 Mejores Vídeos De Focos Led Interior Philips; 2 Comprar Focos Led Interior Philips Online. ... With the right LED lighting retailers can create a compelling brand identity to engage and inspire shoppers. Il facilite et simplifie vos projets d'éclairage. Additionally, you can ensure your city is IoT-enabled with connected luminaires that help you harness the power of smart technology using Interact City. Learn more about retail lighting. While software apps over in-store positioning (IPS) can guide and personalize the shopping experience. Case Study. Philips is the primary Signify brand for lamps and luminaires, and one of the most respected in the industry. Vous consultez le site Internet de Philips lighting. While keeping the distinctive design ch... View family Ledinaire High-bay. LED light bulbs last up to 10X longer than incandescent and halogen bulbs. The floodlight comes with a sing... View family Greenbay BY400V. Philips LEDs turn on instantly with energy-efficient flicker-free, natural light that won't degrade over time. Une version localisée est disponible. Ce Focus présente le Master LEDtube Universel chez Philips. Reduce costs. The lamp creates a brilliant visual effect for retail and hospitality applications such as shops, showrooms and galleries. The Philips Tango LED floodlighting provides a complete lighting solution for the most complex area of recreational & sports lighting applications.

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