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After that, your enemy will revert to the same pattern that he had at the start of the fight. In between each ‘combat’ phase, you’re then forced to have your shield up as you try to figure out which direction Magni and Modi are coming from. Magni likes to lunge at you with a large sword, while Modi is a little more passive with his mace. PlayStation 4 exclusive, God of War, was one of 2018’s best video games, equally deserving of the Game of the Year honor it received at The Game Awards. When you are trapped in the rocks after that, Press L3 and R3 together to enter Spartan Rage mode. Hraezlyr is a beast that is immune to Shock, Burn, Stun, Weaken, and Frost. Magni has to be your focus during the earlier parts of the fight. Moving on. We have some tips & tricks that help you beat them. You have to dodge its attacks while inching your way to the next sap spawn point before throwing it at the dragon’s face to stun it again. We really liked the design of the Bridge Keeper, but ultimately it’s just a slightly upgraded, reskinned version of the Trolls we’ve faced so far. Baldur is absolutely relentless in his attacks, and his move set is varied and diverse enough to keep the player guarded at all times. The Stranger Boss Fight If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read on. The third and final piece, the skull, is found towards the west side of Lake of Nine. Unlike the other bosses you’ve faced so far in God of War, this one pits you against two distinct enemies. Baldur is the son of Odin and you first see him appear known as ‘The Stranger’ in the Wildwoods. He’ll start blocking your attacks (I hope you’ve learned how to guard break by this point), and even counter with a devastating uppercut. Check out the complete list of God of War PS4 bosses. Put all that together with Freya’s occasional attacks and spawning enemies, and you’ll find that it’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed if you’re not paying attention. There are spoilers inside as we detail the names of each boss that you'll face. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below! This is a very mechanic-heavy fight where you have to stun the dragon by throwing the red tree sap at it just as it’s about to rain down electricity on you. Magni and Modi are there for just one reason, and that is to stop Kratos whichever way they can. Keep on repeating until the first segment of the health bar is gone. Category:God of War (2018) Bosses - God of War Wiki - Ascension, Ghost of Sparta, Kratos, Weapons, Bosses and more! Category:Bosses - God of War Wiki - Ascension, Ghost of Sparta, Kratos, Weapons, Bosses and more! Hraezlyr can also do a stomp wave that can be blocked by your Guardian Shield. Eventually, you will have dealt both of them enough damage to defeat them once and for all and continue on with your journey. Avoid her poison attacks at all costs as they can easily drain your health without you even realizing it. You have a rather small window to land that shot to stun it, and then run up to start wailing on its head. The latest God of War game might not feature boss fights quite as epic in scale as past entries in the franchise, but it still does offer up some dramatic encounters that can give you a seriously hard time. He also has a deadly dash attack that has a small tell. This boss defends the Bridge of the Damned. Remember that she can easily evade your attacks and has a lot of health so taking her down may take a little longer than other Revenants. Keep on attacking that area until the dragon is up again. Svartaljofurr has a very basic melee combo that you can dodge pretty easily. Surviving this fight is a matter of dodging at the right time, and making sure you’re not getting too greedy with your attacks and triggering the darkness bombs. If you thought the regular Dark Elves were annoying enough, this guy is even worse. It’s also worth noting that this ranking only includes the unique boss fights in the game, and we won’t be taking the Ancients, Trolls, and Ogres into consideration. Boss fights are usually the most important and the most difficult part of any game. Once his combo is over, he opens himself up to attack, and you can absolutely wail on him up to a certain point. Do not step on them and avoid them at all costs as they cannot be blocked by Kratos. And if you’re really unlucky, he might even throw a darkness bomb at your feet to trigger blindness. It is immune to most effects including Shock, Weaken, Stun, Frost, and Burn. 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For a more … If you fail, you will be the victim of a powerful headbutt. This Valkyrie Queen fight is certainly the toughest one God of War has to offer, and it’s a memorable one to boot. He is weak to your Blades of Chaos but completely immune to axes of all types. Published April 23, 2018, 5:31 p.m. about God of War (2018) It’s also the very first fight in the game that actually demands that you learn how to guard break and pull off timely dodges. Sigrun is good at punishing greedy players, and taking advantage of any openings you might give her. Rotate Kratos to the direction of the attack and block it when you see a figure in the fog. Kratos has to face off against Kratos and Modi fights Atreus. In this fight, Baldur is able to switch between ice and fire forms, which forces you to constantly swap between your own weapons as well. If you still find your health being an issue, try to collect the green orbs scattered about the map so that you can replenish it. When that cutscene happens, you have successfully defeated the Hraezlyr and can move on with your ascension onto the top of the summit. The stun usually occurs after the second Shatter Crystal detonates. It is also quite strong against Spartan Rage and thus, it is a very difficult fight when you do end up facing this boss in Alfheim trench. Unlike your previous Troll fights, you won’t have Atreus around to distract the boss with arrows, which means that you’ll need to handle this one all on your own. She is a Revenant who is invincible to almost all attacks of Kratos. Once that happens, unleash hell on her with Leviathan Axe.

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