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When a product is discontinued or no longer popular, we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada. You prefer form over function TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The idea is that, even if you’re a regular TV-watcher, there are probably hours of the day when you’re stuck with a big black rectangle dominating your living room – which is why The Frame has so many features designed to help it blend in with your home decor. In terms of performance, it sits between the Samsung Q70T QLED and the Samsung Q80T QLED and is comparable to the TCL 6 Series/R625 2019, the Vizio P Series Quantum 2019, and the LG GX OLED. Audio performance We measured the HDR peak brightness before calibration, using the 'Movie HDR' mode and the 'Warm 2' Color Temperature. The remote can be used as a universal remote control for other devices, even if the device doesn't support CEC. Do note that FreeSync only works on the HDMI 4 port. This last point isn’t a huge issue, but enough to mean you’ll want a dedicated soundbar if you want to use The Frame for loud music or big-impact movie scores. The sides of the screen are darker, but thankfully, there's very little dirty screen effect and uniformity is significantly better in dark scenes. It has an extremely low input lag, and it remains low even when playing in 4k with 10-bit HDR. Unfortunately, it doesn't have local dimming, and its poor viewing angles make it less suitable for wide seating arrangements. Response time is great, so fast motion looks crisp, and there's even an optional black frame insertion feature to further improve motion clarity. The Frame 2020 supports eARC, allowing you to send high-quality object-based audio like Dolby Atmos via TrueHD over an HDMI connection. On the other hand, The Frame 2020 has FreeSync support to reduce screen tearing when gaming, and it comes with the One Connect Box, which is great for keeping your setup clean. We'll retest it when the next update is available. Update 07/07/2020: We had neglected to indicate the native refresh rate of the TV for comparison purposes. You can get equivalent picture performance for much cheaper, as the quality materials and stylistic finish of The Frame adds a decent markup to the retail price. Update 10/06/2020: We've changed the status of the Auto-Calibration function from 'Untested' to 'Undetermined', as the Samsung The Frame 2020 isn't yet listed as being compatible with CalMAN. We were able to search for content on YouTube, but not in Netflix. There’s space in the back of the television for a flush wall-mount to be attached; you can attach two solid feet to the underside of the display instead – thankfully, without having to using any screws – but the wall still feels like the natural home for The Frame. This feature can also be used when gaming. Simply enable Picture Clarity within the Game Motion Plus settings menu, then set the Judder Reduction slider to '10' for games that normally run at 30fps, or the Blur Reduction slider for games that run at 120fps natively. The Frame’s design-first mentality has already drawn plenty of attention, with sleek cabling solutions, wall-mounting and bezel options that ape an actual picture frame, and dedicated modes for accessing iconic artworks or ‘ambient’ imagery. Unfortunately, we can't display a 4k @ 120Hz signal properly as the screen keeps flashing every 2-5 seconds, making it unusable. Samsung’s The Frame is available in the UK, US, and Australia – with some slight differentiation in sizes between those territories. Decent color volume. Decent distortion performance. The base body of The Frame is a polished black metal: classy up close, but not very attention-grabbing from a few meters away. Outstanding build quality. Coverage of the widely used DCI P3 is excellent, and coverage of the wider Rec 2020 color space is decent. This tool will clearly show you the differences, Not sure how big of a TV you should buy? This is fine for everyday use – you certainly won’t need the Mona Lisa dazzling you at 2,000 nits – but it means the picture isn’t quite as impactful as some other Samsung TVs. Gamma doesn't follow the target at all; most scenes are too bright and dark scenes are darker than they should be. You can see our recommended settings here. It may get fixed in a future firmware update, and we'll provide an update once we've tested it. As a result, images look washed out when viewed from the side, making it less ideal for wide seating areas. If you want to use this feature when gaming, it's the same step but within the Game Motion Plus settings menu. You’re into classic artworks It has a low input lag that makes every button press feel incredibly responsive, and it supports variable refresh rate technologies like FreeSync and HDMI Forum's VRR. Update 08/21/2020: We previously reported that there's sub-pixel dimming and dithering, as well as some crosshatching. Like most VA panel TVs, the Frame 2020 has poor viewing angles. The sleek model is far more satisfying to hold and use, and carries dedicated buttons to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Rakuten TV (in the UK, at least) as well as a ‘123’ button to easily type in channel numbers onscreen. Compared to other Samsung QLED TVs, The Frame 2020 sits between the Samsung Q70T QLED and the Samsung Q80T QLED. It has a great peak brightness and decent reflection handling that's well-suited for bright rooms. It's easy to use and runs very smoothly. Motion handling is great, so there are only short blur trails in fast-moving scenes, and there's very little dirty screen effect, which is great. Be the first to start a discussion about Samsung The Frame 2020. Excellent black uniformity. Update 11/27/2020: We've retested the VRR with an HDMI 2.1 source and the latest firmware (version 1403). It can't display bright colors well, which is mostly due to its peak brightness. The Frame 2020 is a good TV for most uses. The Frame 2020 has an optional black frame insertion feature that can help reduce motion blur, called LED Clear Motion. The 32" model has a 1080p resolution and can't display a 4k image. Visibility shouldn't be an issue in most rooms, but best to avoid having light shining directly on the screen, as the reflection can be distracting. Its viewing angles are poor, so the image can look washed out at the sides if you sit too close, but on the bright side, its VA panel is immune to permanent burn-in. Although it's mostly plastic, the TV feels very well-built and there are no obvious issues. Read on for our full Samsung The Frame (2020) review, where we’ll cover the design choices, smart TV interface, Art and Ambient modes, and sound quality you’ll find when buying the latest version of The Frame. For most uses, the Samsung The Frame 2020 performs slightly better than the Samsung Q70T QLED. The Frame 2020 is a good TV for watching TV shows. Here you can vote for our next review, Compare frequency and distortion of TVs to make a clearer and more informed decision, We buy our own products to test. We put HDR10+ to the test with the Amazon Original The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and were impressed by the vividly-colored costumes, dresses, and headwear throughout. The LG has a faster response time, wider viewing angles, and its reflection handling is much better too. It can still happen in some scenes and if it bothers you, enabling Picture Clarity can help. Samsung's The Frame 2020 is a unique TV from their lineup of Lifestyle TVs, and it's the third generation of its kind since it was first introduced in 2018. To do so, set Picture Clarity to 'Custom' but leave the Judder and Blur reduction sliders at '0'.

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