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Disturbance of the grain causes adult Sitophilus spp. Indian Journal of Entomology, 53(2):280-285, Singh HN, Mathew G, 1973. Repellent properties of Cassia sophera L. (Cesalpiniaceae) against the rice weevil Sitophilus oryzae L. (Coleoptera; Curculionidae) and the bruchid beetle Callosobruchus maculatus F. (Coleoptera; Bruchidae). Both species can be separated from S. granarius by the presence of wings beneath the eltyra (absent in S. granarius) and by having circular, rather than oval, punctures on the prothorax. Doses of Ú1.0 kGy resulted in 100% mortality within 3-6 days for S. granarius, and within 4 days for S. oryzae (Ignatowicz, 1997). and S. granarius (L.), as well as the stereoisomers of these pheromones. Repellency of powdered plant material of the Indian neem tree, the Labrador tea, and the sweet-flag, to some stored product pests. A mixture of fenitrothion, esfenvalerate and piperonyl butoxide was found to be effective against S. oryzae in stored rice until 180 days after treatment (Pinto et al., 1997). • En sus diferentes etapas del ciclo de vida de la palomilla de los cereales, los daños son ocasionados en su estado larval, ya que su desarrollo se da internamente del grano produciendo altos porcentajes de daños. Annals of Agricultural Research, 20(2):198-201, Shazali MEH, 1987. Thus, the information given below may be taken as generally applicable to both species, but it should be remembered that there may be specific differences in details. Savannah & Athens, Georgia, USA: Stored Product Insects Research and Development Laboratory, ARS, USDA & Department of Entomology, Georgia University, 219-233, Virmani SS, 1980. Argentine plants as potential source of insecticidal compounds. Eggs are laid at temperatures between 15 and 35°C (with an optimum around 25°C) and at grain moisture contents over 10%; however, rates of oviposition are very low below 20°C or above 32°C, and below about 12% moisture content (Birch, 1944). Portada   Quienes somos   Contacto   Publicidad, Autographa gamma (=Plusia gamma), Chrysodeixis chalcites, Chrysomela menthastri (= Chrysolina herbacea). Scutellum usually with lateral elevations closer together than their length and evidently more than half as long as scutellum. Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique d'Egypte, No. Evaluation of material from plants of medicinal importance in Malawi as protectants of stored grain against insects. An evaluation of selected sorghums for multiple pest resistance. The effect of feeding by larvae and adults of S. oryzae on the weight of rice and wheat grain was determined in laboratory tests. IntroductionS. Distribution of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner in samples from warehouse and insect cadavers. 25 (3), 41-44. In Egypt, weight losses attributable to S. oryzae and S. granarius in grain stored, under natural conditions, at 25°C and 70% RH, were about 79-81% in barley (Koura and El-Halfawy, 1972).Maize Pflanzenschutz, 2:9-10, Bhardwaj AK, Srivastava PK, Girish GK, 1977. One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using. Compendium record. Determinacao da dose esterilizante de radiacao gama do Cobalto-60 para Sitophilus oryzae, S. zeamais, S. granarius, em arroz, milho e trigo. As larvas alimentam-se do interior do grão até à pupação, após a qual abrem um buraco e emergem. Assessment of damage in some stored cereal grains due to insect attack. Revista Chilena de Entomologia, 10:101-102, Omar EE, Kamel AH, 1980. The loss in grain sample weight from damage by S. oryzae varied from 4 to 52% (McMillian et al., 1981). Post radiation mortality of adults of the grain weevil, Sitophilus granarius (L.), and the rice weevil, Sitophilus oryzae (L.). The taxonomy of the Sitophilus group has been confused until recently, so that the value of much of the earlier literature on these insects has been reduced, because of the difficulty of knowing the species to which it refers.

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