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On his arms, he bears modified gauntlets designed to fire his spear tipped, bladed whips in battle. Earthrealm (Shirai Ryu Temple, Himalayas) The attack can be enhanced a second time, which will cause Takeda to uppercut the opponent in the end, allowing for a juggle, however it deals no additional damage. ), ▪   Air Spear: Takeda launches one of his spears downwards at his opponent and follows up with a divekick. Move specific to Shirai Ryu Variation. During the events of the Mortal Kombat X comic series, Takeda gains a set of equipment blessed by Fujin using the Jinsei's powerful life energy which was also infused to his soul, giving him a tremendous power boost that allowed to fight against and endure attacks from the likes of Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, Kotal Kahn, Mileena, Raiden and Havik who were possessed and strengthened by Blood Magik. (The enhanced version is called Fist Whirlwind and does more damage. Move specific to Lasher Variation. Takeda is shown to take his battles seriously, but does make wise cracks during so. ), ▪   Fist Flurry: Takeda charges his opponent and unleashes a rapid flurry of punches into their abdomen. Takashi is the son of series regular, Kenshi. Consisting of a new generation of heroes, Takeda developed a great friendship with all in his team and is often the one who stops arguments from erupting between them, such as with Cassie Cage and Kung Jin. (The enhanced version is called Tri Kunai and has Takeda throw three kunai that explode in a rising arc. Gender Characters Takeda Takahashi ), ▪   Shirai Ryu Reflect: Takeda swings both of his plasma swords, reflecting an opponent's projectile. (The enhanced version is called Shirai Ryu Phase and adds a second teleport with Takeda trip kicking his opponent into the air. Although he is taught the ways of a warrior, Takeda originally had a timid nature and didn't take fighting seriously. ▪   Piercing Spark: Takeda clashes his plasma blades and releases a projectile beam at his opponent. (The enhanced version is called Shirai Ryu Absorb and has Takeda completely block any projectile. Portrayers Takeda Takahashi (高橋武田) is a student of Shirai Ryu leader Hanzo Hasashi and Kenshi's son. His serrated edged whips are concealed in his gauntlets, and are launched at high powered speed for maximum striking power. Parry Shen, —Takeda in Mortal Kombat X (Comic Series). (The enhanced version is called Tornado Kick and launches faster, doing more damage. (The enhanced version is called Piercing Beam and turns the projectile into a long beam. In the game, Takeda wears an armored body suit, primarily a metallic silver in color with streaks of yellow-orange along the legs and hands. He was announced via the February 27th Story Trailer. Pop Goes: B, D+3 Only in HOLLYWOOD variation. Move specific to Shirai Ryu Variation. He has also shown the power to teleport in a similar manner to his master, Scorpion. Move specific to Lasher Variation. Takashi Takeda is a character in Mortal Kombat X. After many years, Takeda completed his training with Scorpion and, at the urging of both his mentor and his father who returned for him, joined a new team formed by the Special Forces dedicated to protecting Earthrealm. ▪   Kunai: Takeda throws an explosive kunai between his opponent's feet. Head Cage (Mid): Forward Back Down Down 1. He still keeps his headband to represent his connection to the Shirai Ryu, along with a neck warmer. Mortal Kombat XMortal Kombat X (Comic Series)Mortal Kombat MobileMortal Kombat 11 (cameo) Although he is taught the ways of a warrior, Takeda originally had a timid nature and didn't take fighting seriously. One of Takeda's combos, White Well, is an English translation of the Shirai Ryu's clan name. X-Ray Move - Air Whiplash: Descending down from the air and stunning his enemy with a whip strike, Takeda launches one of his whips through his opponent's mouth, the tip breaking through the back of their skull, then reels himself over by retracting his whip, dashes behind them while wrapping his whip around their neck before kneeing their spine, shattering it and their rib cage, dropping them onto their back. Brutalities: Armless (Universal): Press 1 … Move specific to Shirai Ryu Variation. Unlike his mentor and father, Takeda has the unique ability to form an orange, plasma-like aura around parts of his body and weapons to inflict further damage against his opponents. Takeda lived a normal life in Thailand with his mother, Suchin, despite his father not knowing of his existence until he was a child.

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