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Neat! was in full effect. More children of the '80s were out of school and getting jobs and disposable income (yes, that kind of thing used to actually happen) and were looking to reclaim bits of their childhoods. The line ran through 1995 (! Talk about playground bragging rights! Toward the end of the animated series’ second season, several characters from the 1986 line were introduced, particularly the Combiner teams. This was also the year die-cast metal started being phased out of the toys' construction. The Series 2 Decepticon jets (Thrust, Dirge, and Ramjet) all share the same robot centerline of the Series 1 jets with different attachable wing accessories (Thrust's have molded (non-functional) vertical turbofans in them, Dirge's are elongated like a hyper-performance flyer, and Ramjet's have ramjets... obviously). Hasbro tried to rally with something that was very rare for its time: a large-scale appeal to nostalgia. Takara had been designing a different sort of combining robot team for Diaclone, where the limb-bots were wholly interchangeable. He includes … And then there were all the major sorta-likes, such as Kenner's M.A.S.K. [39] Beachcomber, the geologist, transforms into a dune buggy;[40] Cosmos, who serves in reconnaissance and communications, transforms into a flying saucer;[41] Powerglide, a warrior, transforms into an A-10 Thunderbolt II airplane;[42] Seaspray, who serves in naval defense, transforms into a hovercraft;[43] and Warpath, a warrior, transforms into a tank. Even toys in old subgroups gained new gimmicks: the new Mini-Cassettes were combiners, the Seacon combiner team's limb-bots each had a cannon mode the super-robot could use as a handgun, and the Targetmasters each had two Nebulans who could also combine into a super-gun. Optimus Prime and Megatron were both offered as a Movie Mail Away. A yellow Familia 1500XG minicar dubbed "Bumblejumper" and later known as Bumper was released on Cliffjumper backer cards. Operating explanation for the heat sensitive rub signs, as found in the instruction booklets for toys that were new to Series 2, and in brochures that were included with the reissued Series 1 toys[28], Series 2 features reissued versions of all of the toys from Series 1 and also introduced seventy-six new toys. In 1990, the Micromaster concept was embraced wholeheartedly as majority of the toys that year and the next were of that nature. While Micromasters continued on, the rest of the series was taken up by Action Masters, non-transforming G.I. [citation needed], The toys made use of molds and designs primarily from the Microman and Diaclone lines. Both sides are from a race called Transformers – robots that can change into vehicles, mechanical devices and even animal forms. Several of the toys released this year weren't given individual names, including the re-released Constructicons (who had also lost the parts needed to combine into Devastator, oddly enough). The number of new characters increased from this year on. And while Transformers did have a number of small, inexpensive "entry point" items, its larger figures would turn out to be a huge draw, a kind of playground status symbol. Dreamwave Productions revived Transformers comics in 2002 but went bankrupt in 2005, forcing a cessation. Oh yeah! Another subtle but important change was that the two factions began to share subgroups, with the Autobots gaining their own Mini-Cassettes and Triple Changers, plus both sides had "Scramble City" style combiners. Mattel was still an action-figure heavyweight thanks to Masters of the Universe, which led the boom of cartoon-advertised toy lines (more on that in a bit) throwing out weird concepts in the hope of creating the next big thing. Thus, the more descriptive bits will be tackled year-by-year... but there's still plenty to talk about in the big picture. All three of them transform into F-15 Eagles. While not directly part of the toyline, the way Transformers was advertised has got to be mentioned when talking about its success. Both figures came in their standard styrafoam insert but the box was a plain brown mailer box. Many of these toys have outright notorious damage issues, and loose undamaged toys are a bit hard to come by. This was a banner year for the toy line as the tie-in animated feature, The Transformers: The Movie, was finally released.

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