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However, their responses must be different from the first student. 7. i’ll repair your car. shall i change channel? Will es un verbo modal que se utiliza en inglés para hablar sobre el futuro. "` *�����kb�C[T���b#*��Z^�'X�,a�8� 4 0 obj Afterwards, the students swap roles. In the activity, students guess missing words in sentences and questions that make offers with will and shall. Imagine that you are Person 2 in the chart below. Student B replies with 'Yes, that’s right' or 'Sorry, try again' as appropriate. ?nN� �S���t�|�[��ss�35��uVŝ�hkϯ����JmƮ8�W�5��$�W�c�d|��'�����u���g��B�.�ܼ��j��TcV��ë�S50�[�8���. All Rights Reserved. Students then read a set of statements and write 'O' for offer, 'P' for promise, or 'D' for decision … The reader is given a set of situation cards, which they shuffle and place face down in a pile in front of them. In the activity, students respond to statements by making offers with will and shall and promises with will and won't. �fU�$���f��lS�H�*�F� CH�����eV� u��c��[G]�v�5< >V*$׬�4J+:,�h�T�}?���f��o un�RW�(f'�wEe]/:t�!S�}1`�[.�oB-��Pl E�[�7��P&--��+��d ]����K?f�˔���h��F�'%WuYTIq�s�v\�3Ԛr�H���%E0+��lб�I&�d�8�����9�G����@]�[q ����g�HH�W@0SG���r���I�:���%E|,8��>G�u�n�Mɴ�74�hDIԀ�҈J�NY����:��L'�?A!W��f�����J�H\�ژL��֮��Հ�­�a������7g3��I'}ܮ�ۮ(��K���.o�M\�b�%BK����ps3�f��ƿm������l����hd���͵�M��ww4k�Um�E��•u�:Ǿz���ls��s��O�|�p�3�?T���?2�뮏�tV#��/,u�F�uh�ON�����3ŵ/��a�;�6.���}��',�)�Eg����s��I|�1���[���1�T��/Q�p�J�����_0�����d�9 For example: Person 1: Can you pick up the birthday cake at the bakery? Students take it in turns to pick up a card, and read the situation and question to the group. In this entertaining will for promises and offers teaching activity, students practice making promises with will and won’t and offers with will and shall. 3d: Write ‘decisions’, ‘offer’s, and ‘promises’ on the board. If the offer or request isn't the same as what's written on Student A's worksheet, Student B must try again until they get it right. 10. promises 12. i won’t tell anyone. Interactive Version - In this will for offers, decisions and promises interactive worksheet, students complete a variety of exercises to help them learn how to make promises, offers and decisions. Read through the introduction and examples together as a class. When the game has ended, the students play again with a new student being the reader, so as to give everyone a chance to play. We can use “will” to talk about the future., TeachThis Limited, 2301 Bayfield Building, 99 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. stream Students can also do this activity in groups of three or four. The students go around the class, reading their statements to each other, e.g. 16. i’ll do more exercise… When the students have completed their statements, divide the class into groups of three or four. Finally, review the students' offers, promises and decisions together as a class and provide feedback. The worksheet contains a set of incomplete statements about New Year's resolutions. The other group members listen and try to give advice to the student to help them reach their goal. In the last exercise, students make decisions based on the offers and promises written on the worksheet. The students then write a sentence about each decision. The sentences with gaps on their worksheet are where the students have to guess the missing words and the sentences without gaps are the ones their partner has to guess. When two students have practiced making an offer or promise to each other, they change partners. In the activity, students complete a set of statements by deciding what their New Year's resolutions will be and how to stick to them. Copyright © 2020 TeachThis Limited. Students then read a set of statements and write 'O' for offer, 'P' for promise, or 'D' for decision next to each one. 9. i’ll change channel. If the first student doesn’t form their response correctly, another group member can challenge the student and be the first person to answer. 14. i’ll study more. The future simple tense is used to express future intentions that are decided at the time of speaking (spontaneous offers, promises and decisions): Come on, I'll help you with those bags. (offer) I will always love you. The players shuffle the cards and deal them out evenly. If it's the same, Student B writes the offer or request down on their worksheet. There are always two possible decision cards for each situation, so students need to be quick in order to win. 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(promise) I'll have a wiener schnitzel. Divide the students into groups of three or five. The other students are the players. shall i get you a drink? Read through the introduction and examples together as a class. In this case, students take it in turns to read a statement to the group. Play then passes to the next student and so on. The student with the most points at the end of the game is the winner. Next, students complete offers, promises and decisions with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. Hand out a set of sentences to each group. En esta lección te vamos a hablar sobre los usos de Will. The missing words contain will as a contraction or shall plus a verb. �t�/ʅ5e͚�h�d;W�K���W�F���(fC+ Student A starts by guessing the missing words in the first sentence. %PDF-1.3 The first player puts a domino down either before or after the domino on the table, making sure the statement or question matches with an appropriate decision or offer. Student B then guesses the missing words in the second sentence and so on. The students think what their New Year's resolution(s) will be and complete the statements with the future continuous tense and the future form will for decisions. Monitor. The game continues until all the cards have been used. When everyone has finished, students tell the class about any funny or creative responses they had to their statements. Will vs. Be Going to (predictions, offers, promises, intentions and decisions 5. i’ll help you. 'Shall I call you a taxi?' Give each student a copy of the two-page worksheet. The students then turn over the top domino from the pile and place it face up on the table. Student B looks at the words in the box on their worksheet and replies by making an offer or promise with 'I’ll...', 'I won’t...' or 'Shall I...?' Future with Will: Making Promises When you make a promise, use I’ll or I will + the simple form of a verb. The first student to respond by making a decision with ‘will’ and giving a reason for their decision gets three points. Ask ‘when do you use shall?’. Student A then reads the next statement and so on until all the offers and requests have been made correctly.

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