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Edward and Emo | Fred the Flying Fish • Roachie • Scuba divingSwimmerDiver He is playful and always ready to have a good laugh. Zuma is very laid-back and calm, though he's not as serious about duty as Chase. Cat & Milk-Man | Sid Chang • Zuma is all about the water! Betty • Rita • Olga, CatDog • Tucker Foley • Zuma is the only pup to wear the cap of his Sea Patrol uniform backward. Moon Juju • Freddy • He can also stand on his hind legs as shown in "Pups and the Ghost Pirate". 7 Episode debut Toph • Jazz Fenton • Saraline Timbers • Mark Chang • SpongeBob • Zuma's hovercraft could reference the vehicle in many tv shows, cartoons and the N64 game Diddy Kong Racing, which you have the option to drive said vehicle in-game. Skye • The pup-pack is also equipped with an "aqua drone" that can grab objects. Kira • when he says "Ryder", "Rocky" or "Rubble", it sounds like "Wyder," "Wocky," or "Wubble," respectively, similar to the Looney Tunes character, Elmer Fudd). Kimi • Chase • Since "Pups Save the Diving Bell", Zuma's hovercraft can be transformed into a submarine and can be used on underwater missions. PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue - Zuma’s Ultimate Rescue Hovercraft with Moving Propellers and Resc… Goby • Alternate Crimson Chins • Ryder in danger, ghosts, crocodiles, Rocky getting wet, squid jerky Zuma Featured Character (June 2015, March 2016) Barnacle Boy • Carlino Casagrande • He's usually sunny and optimistic. Family Flora • Jamal the Funny Frog | Zuma has water/scuba gear he wears on his back like a backpack. The Crimson Chin • Haru, Tucker X • Tigress • Rhonda • This makes Zuma the first pup who can walk on their hind legs, the second being Everest. Zuma's new boat is designed after a catamaran, with dual robotic arms, and also able to convert to an underwater mode, and a land mode for when on the beach. Thom Turkey | Kitty the Hapless Cat | Mayor HumdingerKitten Catastrophe CrewSweetieSid SwashbuckleArrbyHarold HumdingerCopycat Stella • Maddie Fenton • PAW Patrol Member No. Winslow T. Oddfellow • Product Title PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue - Zumas Ultimate Rescue Hovercraft with Moving Propellers and Rescue Hook, for Ages 3 and Up Average Rating: ( 5.0 ) … Bolin • Jake Slade | Cameron | Mr. Sunspock • Voice (UK): Zuma is the very first pup to appear on an episode's title card (". Stinky • Katie. Catman • Asami Sato • CatDog's Parents • Paw Patrol Action Pack Pups come to the rescue of Paw Patrol fans ages 3+. Monkey • Dr. Paula Hutchison, Arnold • Sheen Estevez • Goodness • Phoebe • His mighty pup pup-tag has a wave symbol on it with orange background. Terry & Chris | Luan • Zio | Raphael • Cosmo • Jelly | Zuma is very laid-back and calm, though he's not as serious about duty as Chase. Splinter • Presumably some liberty is taken and dogs in the show have similar lifespan to humans, as 5 "dog years" would make him equivalent to 36 years old. Howard • Chuckie • Mr. Sunshine • PAW Patrol Ultimate Rescue - Zuma's Ultimate Rescue Hovercraft with Moving Propellers & Rescu… Scuba diving with Ryder during missions, walruses, seals, sleeping, getting wet, water, playing Pup Pup Boogie, treats, coconuts, watching the other pups play "Tug-a-Pillow", seaweed, kitesurfing, swimming, laughter, competing with Skye, watching Apollo the Super-Pup, slip n' slides, whales, mer-pups Lalo, Tommy • Nicknames Hugh Neutron • The Penguins • Tootie • Carlota Casagrande • Bobby • Helga • Do-Gooder He's shown to be rather good with ocean animals. Turbo Thunder • Full Name Filburt Shellbach • Francois Turbot • Dunlapia • He has brown fur, floppy ears, and greenish yellow eyes. Charlotte • Most times when Zuma uses his equipment in his vehicle, it is a buoy. Iroh • His main duties, as a PAW Patrol member, is anything aquatic (related to water). With the introduction of the Sea Patrol, Zuma gained a new all-terrain boat for dealing with missions on Adventure Beach. Lynn Jr. • Thatta Boy | Gary • Rosa Casagrande • Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tooth Fairy • In "Mission PAW: Quest for the Crown", he was given a pup-pack with a super sonar ability to see things underwater. Sam Manson • Frostbite • PAW Patrol: Patrulla de Cachorros. Carlitos Casagrande • Chester McBadbat • He's shown to be rather good with ocean animals. Teddy | Veronica • Angelica • Rescuer

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